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What’s your journey?

At The Olfactiv, we believe that every scent you experience during your lifetime, adds a new note to the story of your journey. As your story continues to be written, these scents have the power to ignite memories, evoke emotion, uplift the mind and soul, and even inspire dreams…

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What’s your journey?

Luxury home fragrances designed to inspire new notes to the story of your journey…

Autumn / Winter Time Melting

Get 4 for £10 on any 45g Wax Melt Wedge packs.
Wax Melts are great for chilly months, where the need for moody and cozy ambiances become your comfort zone. And with easy to change scents (wherever your mood takes you), these are a gorgeous little treat.

What makes us Special

While we all have that bit of amazingness, here's ours...

All of our candles are hand-poured in small batches (in batches of 8 to be exact, mainly because we can’t find a bigger jug, nor can we lift it #pouringgoals)

Always using high-quality ingredients

Our new formula for our latest ranges, The Sassy Scents and Holiday Collection, are made using a special blend of Soy, Coconut and Mineral wax and we only ever use vegan friendly ingredients. Please note that our earlier ranges don’t include yet coconut wax, but will do when we make our next batch – nonetheless, they are still made using the highest quality ingredients.

Made with love + sass

All of our products are made with loads of love, and of course, a hint of sass – because we believe that there’s no better way to do it!