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Spring Scent Collections

As Spring rolls in, so does the sign of new life and outdoor vibes. From light and fresh florals, to juicy, ripened fruits – our spring time favourites put you in a whimsical, summery mood.

Spring Symphony

Lychee + Peony | Floral

Dedicated to the first few mornings of Spring; when nature suddenly comes alive, fresh-starts fill the air and the feeling of new possibilities embrace the soul. Freshly blossoming flowers offer delicate floral notes, while zesty undertones of lychee and leaf green leave promise of new opportunities.

Weekend Highs

Pineapple, Mango + Passion Fruit

Dedicated to that weekend feeling; where vibes are high, no matter where you are or what you’re doing – even if it’s nothing at all. This tropical melange of sweet pineapple and mango zest feed that weekend feeling, while zesty notes of passion fruit and acai berry uplift the mind and soul; ensuring those vibes stay high.

I’m Bossing It

Honeydew + Watermelon

Dedicated to high vibe days, a messy bun and simply getting stuff done! With an attitude of “whatever it takes”, you are impossible to stop and the world is yours. Invigorating notes of watermelon and honeydew keep the good vibes flowing while you boss the dream!

Summer Escapes

Pineapple + Frangipani

Dedicated to whimsical daydreams of deserted beaches, warm golden sands and a flower in your hair. That feeling of escape, total freedom and blissfully tropical vibes. Sweet and fruity notes of pineapple whisp into floral but tropical hints of frangipani; together, they can’t help but brighten the soul and give you that summer feeling.