With the weather getting colder and days getting shorter, scented candles are typically the go-to product to start creating those cozy ambiances; and rightly so. But for some, candles can also be quite a commitment – particularly in terms of selecting and sticking to a scent or having enough space for all the various scents to match those wintery moods.

This is where wax melts become a great alternative. These small, space-saving cubes of scented wax are designed to used in a wax melt warmer, together with a tea light candle. As the cubes slowly melt over the heat of your tea light, they start to release fragrance and fill the room with your favourite scent. Essentially, the outcome is the same, but the commitment is far less; as scents can be swapped out according to your mood, plus you only ever need a single warmer.

For people who are hesitant about having a flame in the house, or for those in places where flames are not allowed (think offices, uni halls and apartments), but still want that cozy ambiance created by scent, electric wax warmers are a bit of a god-send. These flameless warmers simple plug into the wall and use a heating plate to warm up the dish and melt the wax. Fancier warmers may use light bulbs to do the same thing.


Personally, I love how you can control how strong or subtle you want a scent to be just by adding more or less wax. But I also think that commitment piece is pretty powerful – I’m someone who uses scent to match, alter or enhance my mood, so instead of having dozens of candles scattered around the house, all I need is one warmer and a collection of scents to match my state of mind. (Obviously I have hundreds of candles around my house too though!)

How to use Wax Melts:

INSERT CUBES INTO YOUR WARMER: Break off 1-2 cubes and place them into the dish of your wax melt warmer. Make sure that all packaging is removed before doing so. Do not overfill the dish.

INSERT TEALIGHT: If you are using a ceramic tealight warmer, insert a tea-light into the base of your warmer, ensuring that it is placed in the centre. Light with a long match. As the tealight begins to heat the warmer, the wax will start to melt and almost instantly release fragrance. Wax melts can be reused until all the fragrance has been evaporated. Once there is no more scent remaining, it’s time to change the wax and pop in a new scent.

CHANGING THE WAX: Simply remove the wax when it has re-solidified – make this easier by lighting a new tealight in the warmer for 1-2 minutes, just allowing the wax to slightly melt at the bottom and release from the dish, then gently push and slide the wax out of the dish with a piece of paper towel. Now you’re ready for your next scent experience.